What do you charge?

Hey designers, what’s your hourly rate? I ask this in reference to the Guide to Working with a Web Designer I mentioned a couple of days ago. If you missed it, I’m writing a short pdf meant to give our clients (that is to say, _yours_ and mine) a quick education in the how’s and whys of web design and shopping for a designer.

So… how much do you charge per hour? Feel free to leave your comments anonymously if you prefer.

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  1. PHP – $150/hr
    HTML – $115/hr
    Graphics – $100/hr
    Consultation – $85/hr

    Pain in the ass clients – additional $15/hr “Administration fee”

  2. PHP – $75/hr

    Graphic design – $115/hr

    HTML/CSS – $55/hr

    PITA* tax – $25 per 15 min blocks.

    *PITA: Pain In The Ass

  3. $55 – companies with 20+ employees
    $45 – individuals + small businesses

    Time to up my rates it appears.

    Here’s a question for you Peter _et al_:
    what’s the average price tag (i.e. final invoice) on your web projects?

  4. I thought you might like to take a peek on these discussions that I found while looking up the same issue.




    I know these discussion are not exclusive to webdesign, but I thought they can offer another view on the way we should rate our work. I hope (in case you haven’t read them already) these help you for the guide you’re creating . As the newbie I am, these are things which I’m facing with clients, and which most of the times I’m not sure how to deal with. I’m really looking forward to your Guide!

  5. I run in small crowds, too — $65 for those who can obviously afford twice that; $45-55/hr for just about anybody else. Pro-bono for a kick-ass broke-ass client, usually once or twice a year.

  6. Most clients in Malaysia aim for money > time/work. So half the time we quote by project than an hourly basis.

    However based on average total cost, I’d say my hourly is really low..$30-$50. And just a note, the exchange is RM3.8 to USD1. You can do the math.

  7. I’m learning so I’m cheap. I tend to quote by project and most projects fall into the following:

    Business websites are usually $1000-$5000, depending on what’s needed. If there’s a section which needs to be Ruby’d or PHP’d I’ll star with $1000 flat and then add on what I think the websites worth from there.

    For personal websites I tend to deal with broke people and so most websites are $500-$800. I do websites on the side so although it’s not much, it’s enough to keep me happy and in coding shape.

    I’ve been thinking of raising my prices to $45/hr lately. I’d be really interested in reading your PDF when it’s released. Is there a mailing list?


  8. $85 per hour retail – $65 per hour on a project I’m on because it’s long term. Design/IA/some programming for the retail rate.

    I’ve been told to raise my rates.

  9. $50/hr for freelance work. The company I work for during the day charges $100/hr, design and coding.

    Once I ‘develop’ my skills a little more and can offer different things (and basically feel a little less like I’m playing!) I plan to charge more. But right now, I think I’ve found that happy medium between getting screwed by clients and feeling like I’m getting what I’m worth. :)

  10. I only charge $25 per hour, and that is apparently very low. For “large” jobs, I quote a set price–usually between $500 and $900–which is also very low.

    Here’s a question: How do you make more money on your Web and blog design skills if your local market isn’t willing to pay more (and you don’t want to move)? I would much rather work with locals and meet face to face with clients, but is obtaining clients elsewhere going to be the only way I can actually get what I’m worth?

    For the record, I live in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  11. Jon – I think that in order to charge more than your market will bear, you’re going to have to look beyond your borders.

    I do almost all of my work with clients outside of town, despite there being 4million people in Toronto…

    Check out endeavorcreative.com – a web design business owned by my friend Taughnee in AK. She’s doing quite well as I understand…

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