Web Application I'd like to See: Rate Your Client!

Like a credit check, only community driven. Site users could leave a rating of their client upon completion of a job. The ratings system includes factors such as ability to express direction, organization, timeliness of response, ability to provide content, ability to accept recommendations, and more. The ratings would be searchable by location and client name.

This could be a fairly powerful tool; users could rate clients highly, as well as poorly. This rewards a good client by encouraging quality suppliers to work with them. Bad clients may have to change their ways in order to secure services in the future.

The flipside to the site is an open directory for clients to rate their satisfaction with their contractors.

In order for it to be effective, it would need to appeal to a very wide base of users. It could apply to corporations as well as individual freelancers. It would also need to provide a bullet proof liability waiver. I see it mentioning something like

bq. “Our policy is that you make every reasonable attempt to resolve outstanding issues before posting to this site. Acceptance of this policy indicates that you accept the responsibility of posting, and absolve www.rateyourclient.com of any direct or indirect legal action that may result”

Or possibly something a little less dire. Regardless, I’d want to speak to a lawyer to get an opinion before moving forward.

While the name could be rateyourclient.com (it’s available as of 5:30pm est), I think it should have a more universal appeal. Something like Phew!

Thoughts? Anyone up for it? I’d use it.