Update from The Blog Studio

Big changes afoot in The Blog Studio land. My last missive to you on this topic was about my decision to grow the company. That decision was based in part on desperation: I was way too busy, and didn’t have the capacity (both mental and physical) to deal with the stress single handedly. Living as I do in Toronto, with two little kids and a good sized mortgage, scaling back wasn’t really a viable option. So, with my long-proven history of total disregard for the consequences, I hired. And hired. And hired again.

It’s been a month now that all four of us been working away in my increasingly office-looking basement. And I can report that at this early stage, the experiment has been a complete and total success. We are producing some really great work, and doing it in an organized, efficient way.

I can take no credit for the organization. All of that goes to Lucia Mancuso, our Project and Business Manager. Lucia brings years of experience helping manage small businesses through frightening growth curves. Bringing her in house may be the smartest thing I’ve done in a very, very long time.

I’m able to once again concentrate on what I do well: design and business development. And to coin a phrase, I’m lovin’ it.

In addition to Lucia’s tireless work, both Mike Caputo and Richard Thomas are doing some really amazing work. Both these guys have shown remarkable growth in their abilities in a very short time. I can only look forward to working with them with excitement and anticipation.

We’re finally in a position where we can pop our heads up and take a look around. So much has been learned over the past few months. Now we get to apply those lessons and prepare for the future. We’ve got some very exciting projects slated to launch in early 2006, and are stoked for what the coming year offers.