The Passion Economy

passioneconomyWhat the hell is the passion economy? Does it exist? Does it matter?

A few months ago, my friend Sean Howard and I got very drunk on expensive white wine and strong Quebec beer (oy, the hangover!). We discovered that we share a passion for, um, passion. Over the following weeks, we met a couple of times to explore models of how passion affects people’s decisions, what passion means, how it’s measured, and to drink more wine.

I was very honored when Sean asked me to contribute the design for an e-book he was putting together specifically on passion and it’s role in the economy. Some seriously big-brained people. You may want to check the authors out on Twitter:

The Passion Economy pdf is released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. You are welcome to download, re-upload, distribute and do with as you see fit. I hope you enjoy it. Download at will.

4 thoughts on “The Passion Economy”

  1. Dude,

    Thanks for the mad design skills and all the crazy time you put into this thing!!!

    And you not only contributed to the design, you have some awesome big brained thinking in there ta boot!!!

    Looking forward to more crazy talks about passion and action!


  2. Interesting and relevant content, as well as great looking Pete. Thanks for the link to the PDF as well.

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff.


  3. Beautiful work. Thanks to everyone involved in producing this; the subject couldn’t be more appropriate.

    PS: Typo on the last paragraph of the last page. “This was a lot of fun. I hope is shows. – PF”

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