The King is Dead.

I feel like such a contrarian. The whole blogosphere is talking about content. Content is King, after all. And rather than writing about content, I’ve been thinking about design.

See, I can’t get passed the fact that 40% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are over 6 feet tall, while only 13% of the general population has sprouted to such lofty heights. Why?

I’m stuck on the fact that there’s a McDonald’s everywhere you turn. Why?

Nike sells $200 runners. Why?

Because looks count. A lot.

Heresy? Not at all. I can get away with this statement because of one little word: *parity*. We live in a world of parity products, of parity content. Our interconnected world has only made it even more so. Anything you can say, someone else has said better. Or if not better, than very similarly. Any product that can be made will soon be copied. That original idea you just had? Ten others just had it too.

We’re at the infancy of the blogosphere, and right now, those other ten people may not be online. With 40,000 new sites _a day_, how long will it be before they are? What will happen then?

How do you set yourself, your site, and your ideas apart? Do it with story, with intelligence, with wit, with compassion, and with style. Good design does all of this. Design is much more than choosing colours and fonts. Good design flows from the content to support and promote it.

Quality content is *incredibly important*. But it is *not* the end all and be all. Content is the single most important ingredient in a successful web site. But it is not the only ingredient. It’s kind of like trying to make a cake, and insisting that all you need is flour. Yes, flour is very important, but I’m gonna pass on that slice if its all you’re using in your baking.

A successful business blog uses a unique design to push its message forward. Design helps the reader grasp your point, and talks directly to the readers’ subconscious. If you’re investing the time, energy, and effort into a business blog, you owe it to yourself to invest in design.