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The latest site in my empire (ha ha HA ha ha [evil laugh]) has just launched. It’s my meta site, and it’s called “The Blog Studio”:

The site serves two purposes. First, its a business. “The Blog Studio”:’s tagline is *Design for the blog age.* The aim is to build a company that helps small and micro businesses set up and operate a blog. I’m *super* keen on this for a couple of reasons. I believe very strongly in the ability of blogs to connect businesses with their customers on a more intimate level. I think blogs are a tool that will help businesses bring their clients in more frequently, will increase average sales, and will build a base of customer advocates.

I also think many businesses can earn revenue from their blog, especially if they are in a niche. And isn’t everyone in a niche these days? An example is my mom, Judy. My mom, who just turned 60 yesterday (she’s *so* going to kill me for this), is a physiotherapist and osteopath. She does a lot of cutting edge work and teaches a fair bit. She could use her blog to stay in touch with her patients, describe new techniques, let people know when she’ll be away, or even if a cancellation has come up. Her audience would include current patients, other physios intersted in reading her articles, and a whole world of potential clients. By using google’s adsense, and carefully targeting the site, I am confident she’d cover all her up front investments and operating costs in a reasonable period.

My other main reason for being so hyped about The Blog Studio as a business is its potential to earn ongoing revenue. My business plan is not complete, but the concept involves complete hosting and management plans. I am well aware that there are about a thousand free services available, but I am not concerned about them. My target audience is very busy running their own business and trying to have a life. My goal is to make their lives a bit easier. My services will go beyond just designing an site template and hosting. I am going to include SEO and other online marketing stuff as part of the package.

The other grand purpose for TBS is to act as a central depository of any blog-related stuff I write here. I’ll try to minimize cross posting, but it may occasionally happen if I think something is of particular interest. This is an ever evolving concept, so I’ll keep you posted as it develops.

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