Redesign of my work site part 2 (aka phew…)

I’m taking my own advice for once. And guess what? I might actually know what I’m talking about!

Let’s review. In part 1 of this article, I made up the following to do list:

# Write all the content first.
# Create a mood board based on the content. A mood board is simply a collection of inspiring images, words, colour chips, etc related to the project at hand.
# Sketch sketch sketch
# Create a comp or two. I’ll post them here for feedback.
# Evaluate software/scripts (for the dynamic part)
# Build.
# Test.
# Tear out hair trying to figure out why it doesn’t work with IE.
# Decide to become a bus driver.
# Find the answer on positioniseverything
# Party like its 1999.

I’m up to step 4, and in a moment we’ll get to the actual comps. First though, I want to take a moment to sing the praises of two of my favorite pieces of software: “OmniOutliner”: and “TextEdit”: Both of these are mac only, but I’m sure there are pc equivalents.

I use OmniOutliner for just about every project I do. It’s perfect brainstorm tool. I just write my notes, stream of consciousness style (much like this blog). I can then go back and re-arrange the ideas into any order I like. I can also add new columns of information (ie categories, priorities, etc). The list can also be output as a text file or html file. Very flexible, and very useful.

TextEdit is the mac’s built-in word processor. It is incredibly light and small. No surfeit of formatting. No floating toolbars. Just a simple little box for me to type my words into. Mis-spelled words are highlighted, with the now-standard spelling suggestions just a right click away. Pure word processing love.

Ok, back to the good stuff. Here, as promised, are the comps (click for a full size view):

Let’s call this *the narrow one*.

This is *nav right*

And this is *nav left*

Before I move on to step 5 (_evaluate software/scripts_), I’d love to hear your feedback. It need not be as detailed as “Paul Scrivens”: requires. Just a “hate it because…” or “love it because…” would be swell.

I have about a hundred other things to talk about, so I’m gonna cut this short here. Be on the lookout for part 3, coming soon to a screen near you!