Pre-planning my resolutions

Having made the commitment to be more conscious of my habits, I see a number of areas in my life that I’d like to change. What with it being year end and all, it’s a perfect opportunity to resolve to do away with old modes of behavior, and to consciously create new ones.

In no particular order then, my 2006 revamp includes the following:

* continue to get up early – this has been a life changer. It’s ridiculously easy, and hugely beneficial.
* set daily goals – use that extra time in the morning before opening Mail to review my task lists and set short term goals.
* get off my fat ass. I’ve gained _way_ too much weight the past 2 years. The scary thing is, I’m getting used to it. Either I take it off now, or it gets much harder to take off later.
* play my guitar and piano

What about you? Anything life changing planned?

5 thoughts on “Pre-planning my resolutions”

  1. Get more work done, but work less.
    Do some situps & pushups 5 nights a week before bed.
    Explore more.

    I agree with you about getting up early consistently and set goals/tasks in the morning before work.

  2. “Do some situps & pushups 5 nights a week before bed”

    Probably a bad idea. If you do excercise before going to bed, you energise the body and make it more awake, so you’ll suffer trying to sleep.

    Best time is about 30mins after breakfast. The benefits last all day, and because you’ve eaten you’ll not be burning off muscle but actual fat reserves.

  3. I too plan on getting off of my fat ass. lol I have 2 kids and I am so tired of not having energy to play.

    I would like to quit smoking.

    I also plan on joining the workforce again after being an at-home mom for way toooooo long. feels that long, but not really.

    hope you have a happy & healthy 2006!!

  4. Get to the gym and get measured. I’ve scheduled measurings every 30 days for the next couple months. I scheduled them ahead of time so I can’t back out of it. I gained 20 pounds over the past year so know that you’re not the only work from home Fatty McChubchub. Remember: Mumus are unacceptable!

    (heads up – that right column is falling under the main one in IE 6.0 for Windows – on the single-post page – and the sidebar bullets are falling outside the column boundary it looks like – dear God when will we have true standardized browserness?)

  5. Thank you all – especially you my fellow McChubchub. Holy crap that made me laugh!

    Thanks for the heads up on the ie thing too. I managed to redesign the thing a couple of times while away, so we’ll see what happens…

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