Passion FTW! Part deux, WiredWednesday Edition

The fine folks from RedWire asked me to deliver the Passion FTW! talk at their monthly gathering of entrepreneurs. I was very stoked to do so, not least because I got to share a stage with the inimitable Saul Colt and David Crow.

This presentation is a bit different from the previous version. It’s been tweaked to appeal to a broader audience, and generally refined. I think it reads a bit better, and makes more sense as a stand alone piece.

2 thoughts on “Passion FTW! Part deux, WiredWednesday Edition”

  1. As my twitter-time increases, I seem to spend less time visiting my feed-reader—which is why I’m so late to notice this wonderful presentation. So, at risk of losing yet more time this morning getting the incredibly important work of my own done, I want to make a quick comment about how—even though I breezed through it rather quickly—I was really blown away by this.

    I remember when I was a young actor trying to appear as pretentious as possible (there’s two layers of deceit there, by the way), I spent a good deal of time conspicuously reading Hemingway. In The Sun Also Rises I recall him using the term “aficion”, loosely translated from “passion”. I used to scrawl it on my make-up mirror, hoping people would ask what it meant. It reminded me that I had left university to pursue something I was passionate about, and in spite of my dilettantism, I continue to change lanes when necessary to follow similar urges. Everytime I pursued my passions, the outcome was always challenging, beautiful and rewarding. It made my world a better place.

    So to see you putting passion into this context, Peter, is really a gas. It has such an important place in our lives, and yet it has been lost by so many. Reigniting it throughout the population would only serve to make our world a better place.

    Forgive me for oversimplifying, but your message really hits home. Passion. Great to see it back out there. :)

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