My brain has melted

We are in the midst of a BRUTAL heat wave here in Toronto. The city hall has been designated as a *cooling zone*, and is open 24 hours for those without access to air conditioning.

To make matters worse, I’m out of beer!

I had Scott from “WishinglineDS”: and Adam from “Thody Consulting”: over for lunch today. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered each fellow a cold, refreshing malt beverage‚Ķ

*I was out.* All I had was diet pepsi. Ouch.

Despite that, we had an interesting chat. It’s *waaaayyyyyyy* premature, but watch this space in the coming months for some potentially interesting news.

That’s all my head addled brain can manage at the moment. I hope its cooler where you are.

PS: Congratulations to the new 9rulers! If you haven’t yet, check out Sara White, my fellow canuck, at “Opinionated”:, Paul Davidson at “Words for My Enjoyment”:, Shawn Grimes at “Sporadic Nonsense”:, and Nathan Smith at “Sonspring”:

Scrivs keeps saying design doesn’t matter, yet these are all absolutely top-notch designs. The old wicked worn look at almost cool is starting to just look worn…