Multiple iTunes libraries? Music geek heaven

Ok, so iTunes 7 looks goofy. But it now supports multiple libraries. About time!

I’ve got more music than I do local storage space (emusic subscription + time = lots and lots of great music). So my collection lives on an external hd. This is all fine and dandy, except for when I want a change in scenery and want to work away from my desk.

Sure I could use my iPod, and usually do. But there have been enough times where I haven’t had my magical white music box with me. I do have some “emergency use only” music stored on my phone. But I’m spoiled. And I want a wide selection of tunes available at all times. Yes, I really am that petty when it comes to music.

So now, I’ve got a couple of gigs of the latest and greatest living locally. The sweet sweet sounds of Yo La Tengo, The National, The Dears, Muse, and of course Radiohead will never be far away.

OMG I am such a nerd!

One thought on “Multiple iTunes libraries? Music geek heaven”

  1. Thanks for that. Is tehre any way of moving songs from one library to another easily? I have a master library but there is a lot of rubbish in there so i want to slowly sort it in one library and then move it to the other without losing the master set. Does that make sense? Sorry i am not that good with technical stuff.

    Thanks Pj

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