Minimizing Regrets

Hugh Macleod recently posted a terrific list of 26 random thoughts on being an entrepreneur. It’s a great fast read, filled with Hugh’s usual mix of wit and insight.

There’s a comment on the article that really strikes a chord. A fellow named Walter Higgins writes

most people are all about minimizing risks – entrepreneurs are about minimizing regrets.

Bingo. I don’t think I’ve ever had my own attitude so wonderfully summed up. To my addled brain, life is risk. It’s un-escapable. To be paralyzed by risk is to lop a goodly portion of joy right off the top of your allotment. Personally, I’m more terrified by what might have been than by what might be. Death doesn’t scare me. Lying on my death bed wishing I’d followed a dream scares me shitless.

Maybe that’s a good indicator for one’s suitability as an entrepreneur. What’s your risk to regret ratio?