HTML/CSS Guide for newbies?

Anyone have any recommendations for a print designer looking to make the leap to web design? This gal is a total newbie, and wants to learn (x)html/css the right way. I’m stumped – all the titles I’ve looked at either assume a working knowledge of html, or suckā€¦

4 thoughts on “HTML/CSS Guide for newbies?”

  1. Hi Peter…take a look at the offerings by Westciv ( They have a number of resources there, including downloadable courses (for purchase)that start at a pretty basic level. Their StyleMaster product is also a stellar CSS editor.

  2. Peter:

    Joe Gillespie ran the great “Web Page Design for Designers” web site for years. Recommended reading for your friend:

    Adapting print skills for the web
    CSS from the ground up

  3. I don’t know about any courses. But I know a book I’ve found great for CSS. Dan Cederholm’s Bulletproof Web Design. Easy to follow. Explained in a simple manner. Good for learning and reference. :)

    As for learning between transitional and strict, I suppose all she needs to do is remember the codes that aren’t included in strict as to transitional.

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