Has this ever happened to you?

I had the oddest experience yesterday. I was driving along, when suddenly my designer spidey sense started tingline. There, out of the corner of my eye, I could just make out a delivery truck. This particular truck was shiny, white, and new. It was done up with an attractive, eye catching logo in a sexy olive green (not as much as an oxymoron as it sounds). It’s pretty rare to see a vehicle done up in something so overtly designer-ish. Usually it’s garish and often hideous. So I was really struck by it.

Then, I realized, I designed it.

See, a while back, I was working at a design studio doing general design studio stuff. One of my last projects was to design a new id for a local gift and flower shop who were rebranding themselves and going upscale. I had finished the design when I left, but the client hadn’t yet implemented the changes.

Flash forward 6 months, and I’m nearly causing traffic accidents admiring my own work. What a weird sensation: see logo, think “cool, nice logo”, realize you designed it. Weird weird weird.

I’m trying to arrange to get a couple of pictures of the truck for my “portfolio”:http://www.flashlightdesign.com/index.php?s=portfolio When I do, I may post one here. For reference, here’s the design for the business card: