If you tried to access this site in the past 12 hours or so, you’d have seen that it was down. Apparently the site was hacked at some point in the past month. I got a hosting bill this morning for $2960 for disk space overage, and godaddy, the hosting company, suspended the account.

Needless to say, I’m concerned. Luckily, I’d recently made a backup, so I’ve been able to move peterflaschner.com over to my own server (where it should have been all along). Depending on your location, the site will become available again in the next few hours.

As for the hosting bill, I’m confident that the fine folks at godaddy will waive the charge. I’ve been a loyal client for years, and recommend many folks to them. Despite what you sometimes hear, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with godaddy over the years. Their customer service is really excellent, and server performance has always been good.

If you left a comment in the past day, I’m afraid it wasn’t included in the backup. I know a couple of folks commented on the previous post (Running a web design and development business. Part 1 of ?). I’m sorry to say those were lost.

The lesson here: backup your database and files. Go. Do it now!