Diva Marketing blog design goes live

Let the party begin! The new “Diva Marketing Blog”:http://www.divamarketingblog.com site is up and live to the world.

There are still a couple of niggly things to fix, but the main functionality is there. Still to come are a podcasts list, randomly loading quotes on the sidebar, and RSS subscription info.

As a side note, allow me to say that developing a site for TypePad is a *pain in the rear*. Their help system is very slow, republishing every time one makes a change is ridiculously slow, and when TypePad runs into an error, it doesn’t tell you what it is – it just says “sorry, leave a message so we can get back to you”.

When the help dept _does_ eventually get back to you (48 hour response time?!?), they provide the content of the error message. Their system is generating the error report, why can’t they show it to me? Launch of the Diva site was delayed by about a week while we waited for responses. In every case, it was a simple fix that I could have resolved in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for days to receive the content of the error message. *FRUSTRATING*.

But that’s all in the past. Or more accurately, mostly in the past. We’re still waiting to find out why the category pages aren’t displaying properly…