Half Life Party

This weekend, my wife and I, along with about 50 friends, are celebrating 18ish years together. We’re calling this our “half life” party, referring to the fact that we’ve now spent half our lives together. 

I threw the invitation below together in about an hour, and I’m pretty happy with it. Thought I’d share!

New Logo in Development


Type is still not finalized, but this is pretty close to finished.

The mark is inspired by two-way communication, global reach, waves, coming together, etc. It’s an evolution of the mark I originally designed for flashlightdesign.com, way back in 2003.

The font is Gloriola from fontfont. It’s deliciously modern, with a nice heft.

I’ll be tweaking theblogstudio.com in the next couple of days when we officially launch the logo.

What I learned about graphic design from songwriting


What I’ve learned about songwriting:

Just get something down on paper. Doesn’t matter how shitty it is. It’s just the scaffold for what you’re really going to write. One by one you’ll erase all the crap words and ideas and replace them with gems.

Applied to design:

How often have I stared at a blank screen? Just get something up there. Doesn’t matter how shitty it is. It’s just the scaffold for what comes next.



Aviary looks like a potentially game changing approach to image creation. Think online collaborative image editing done well.