Camino 1.0 – Why I care (hint: not very much)

Let me first state by bias by telling y’all I’m a Safari user. Firefox is just too darn sluggish for daily use by comparison. Sure, I use FF when I’m trying to debug something, but that’s really about it.

My one complaint with Safari isĀ  it’s inability to display WordPress’ formatting toolbar. I write enough markup in my job that I don’t feel the need to do so when I’m writing a post. Still, it hasn’t been enough of a hassle to bother switing to FF just to write a short missive.

Enter “Camino”:, a mac only mozilla browser. It’s quick. It’s light. It seems to do the trick. Of course, there aren’t any web dev extensions. Nor does it appear to support osx’s built in spell check. So it’s still a compromisze.

Still, it’s pretty.

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