Blog design vs web design

As you may know, I’m building a company called “The Blog Studio”: The company has a number of different facets, all of which fit together into a purposeful whole. It’s one of those *the sum is greater than the parts* things. The sum is a company that builds, designs, maintains, manages, hosts, and writes blogs.

I’m slowly getting to the business plan stage, and have started to do some research to determine who the competition is, and how they’re positioning themselves. What I found was web design firms offering template design, or sites like blogger with pre-existing templates.

There are *very* few blog design _companies_. There is a big difference between a blog design company and a web design company. While both types of design live on the internet, there is both a different mindset and a different skillset required to specialize in blogs.

Blogs are more marketing and PR tools than they are websites. A blog company needs to recognize the technical limitations of its users, and offer ongoing support. It needs to work as much on guiding the author as it does on designing the template. I guess what I’m getting at is that a blogging company offers an ongoing service, vs a one time web build. And this is what has got me so excited.

This ongoing relationship equates to ongoing revenue. It also equates to ongoing opportunities to earn traditional design business from our clients.

I anticipate developing a pay-per-month formula, with different levels of service. I’d like to minimize the up front investment as much as possible, but I’ll have to see how the numbers pan out.

The small business owners I’ve been talking to are really supportive of this concept. They’ve all hear of blogs, and they know they’re going to need one soon. But like the initial web boom, they have no idea where to turn. My aunt, a very successful entreprenur and a perfect example of my target market sums it up perfectly: she doesn’t *get* it. She knows she has to, but she’s already extermely busy. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to help the millions like her make an easy transition to a blog. I’ll share them with you as I flesh them out.

What do you think about web design vs blog design?