This is a cross post of a comment I made on “whitespace”:

Trying to find balance between work, play, kids, hobby, wife, friends, family, raking the leaves, cleaning the windows, etc is akin to jugging 14 roaring chain saws. Can’t… stop… paying… attention… or… YEOWWWWWCHHHHH!

I have a tattoo of DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man (you know, the guy with four arms and four legs) on my shoulder. I got it a couple of years ago, after my older daughter was born to remind me of the potential I hold. All that business about proportions, beauty, and balance; it seemed like the perfect symbol. I really like it.

I find though, that I’m so busy with, well, life, that I often go weeks without even noticing its there. All of which is to say that getting a tattoo is no assurance of balance!


Stop this diatribe right here. Older daughter (3) just came up and gave me a kiss. I was just about to get in to the difficulty of maintaining balance while working from home.

See, the balance point just moved again.