Applications I'd like to see

Ok code warriors, this one’s for you.

Seems that I have an idea for a new application or publication at least once a day. Some of them suck. But some don’t. I’ve been collecting a list of someday-maybe projects for a while now. Looking over them, I realize that there is *no chance* that I’m going to be able to make some of them happen.

I’m a pretty strong believer in the philosophy of helping others make money. In fact, that’s the keystone in my approach to life: help others achieve their goals, and riches (material, spiritual, physical…) will be yours. In that spirit, I’m going to start sharing these ideas here. There’s no catch. If by some freak occurrence I inspire you to tackle one of these projects, send me some link love. That’s it. Of course, you can always hire me to design the front end…

h2. So, first project is a relational mind map.

Are you familiar with mind mapping? It’s a technique for brainstorming that begins with a single word or concept, then branches out.

Here’s my super quick mind map for *cheese*.

Mind maps are very quick, very effective ways to explore a subject. There’s lots of software out there that can help you (in case you, you know, don’t know how to work a pencil). All the software that I’ve seen though lacks one major function: *group participation and meta maps*.

Imagine a web based app that allowed you to create and store mind maps. Now imagine that every word you put on your map becomes clickable. Clicking on a word will bring up a number of options: lookup in dictionary, lookup in thesaurus, lookup in google, and *lookup in the app itself*.

Looking back at my example, imagine you clicked the word England. Suddenly, a meta mind map, encompassing every other iteration of the word England *based on other user’s public maps* is available. What an incredible tool!

Additionally, one could search the mind map database to directly pull up previous mentions of a term. That term could then be used to create a meta map directly.

This would change brainstorming forever.

The data would become quite cumbersome, so some kind of relationship regarding frequency would have to be shown. Kind of like that fabulous site that showed the relationships between bands (I can’t for the life of me find it at the moment).

The business model could be either subscription based, ad based, or some combination of each.

I’m leaning on my “97th monkey”: status here. I think this could be quite big. I could be wrong. But I have a pretty strong hunch about this one.