Almost Cool v8: Done Fiddling for Now.

Hey hey hey. Just a note to say I’m done fiddling with the site design. It’s a lot more refined then a few days ago, so if you saw it then, pop back for another peek.

I’ve adjusted the typography, and made the line length shorter. I’m using non-standard fonts: Gill Sans as the first choice, Franklin Gothic is up on deck. Those are pretty safe bets, as many modern os’s feature one of those two in its core package. Helvetica and Arial are my backup choices.

You can see examples of both typefaces in use below:

There are still a few things to be done of course. Those using ie6 don’t get to see the footer monkey. Sorry, no monkey for you. IE7 renders the footer properly, but Firefox doesn’t. So go figure. The footer design in general needs to be totally rethought… Maybe I’m not as done as I think.