About Almost Cool

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Almost Cool is the wildly derivative web log of the Toronto-based freelance designer Peter Flaschner. This blog was created after reading “this”:http://www.designbyfire.com/000158.html.

*Now, to explain the name:* Do we all remember the heart warming cold-war story of *The Hundredth Monkey*? For those who are too young or too old, the premise of the story is that once a certain percentage of a population learns a lesson (in this case, one hundred monkeys), the whole of the population spontaneously shares the knowlege. I am the 97th monkey.

By the time I become aware of a trend, it’s only weeks away from being blithely tossed off in a _New Yorker_ metaphor (“He was Sisqo to her Eva Mendes”), or appearing on a late, late show monologue.

I am, in other words, a barometer of cool. A _cool-o-meter_, if you will. Now, this is not nearly as glamorous as it may sound, stuck as I am on the corner of Nebbish and Cool. But it does have certain benefits. I’m a fairly good predictor of average. Given that I make my living interpreting and communicating my clients’ messages to the widest possible audience, knowing that audience comes in handy.

As for the “Wildly Derivative” part, I think it was Picasso who said “good artists copy, great artists steal”. Far be it from me to edit the master, but I think what he’s _really_ saying is that all experience is derived from the experiences that preceeded it. _Almost Cool_ is the logical extension of the truly cool work that has come before it.