A Strategy for Growth? Your feedback wanted.

Trying to grow your business is tough. Making the jump from a single player with outsourced contractors to a business with in-house staff is a significant risk, especially for a startup without debt.

“The Blog Studio”:http://www.theblogstudio.com and its brother, “Flashlight Design”:http://www.flashlightdesign.com have reached the level where bringing in another full-time designer makes sense.

The design business is one with awkward cash flow though. So in an effort to ease the bumps while we grow, I’m considering offering a greatly reduced, fixed-price blog design package on TBS.

The package will include

* a consultation to determine client needs
* 2 rough design concepts
* 1 polished design comp
* 1 round of changes
* standards compliant code
* install and setup of a blogging platform
* an instruction manual for the blogging software
* very quick turn-around

Cost will be $199US. Hosting and domain registration is available for an additional $50 per year. Design quality will be on par with work you’re used to seeing from me.

This will differ from my standard design service in that its A) a limited time offer, B) limited to one round of changes, and C) my hand isn’t directly in it.

Long term, I’m in the quality, not quantity business. I see this as a short-term tool to help TBS grow, and to help spread its name.

I’m very keen to get your feedback on this. It’s not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination. I’m aware of the risk to my own brand by devaluing my work. On the other hand, it may be a way to grow my business without taking on debt. Has anyone out there successfully made the jump from freelancer to boss? Care to share your stories?