A Guide to Business Blogging

Seeing as I’m almost cool, I figured it was time I got off my ever growing rear end and write myself a book. It’s the cool thing to do, after all.

But you’ll note that I’m *almost* cool, so I haven’t written a complete book per se. Rather I’ve written a booklet. Or more specifically, a guide. A guide to business blogging, in fact.

I describe the guide as

bq. One man’s approach to business blogging, in which I say ‘It depends’ a whole lot, and share some of the exeperiences I gained in the journey from non-blogger to full time blog designer and consultant.

The guide is now available for “download”:http://www.theblogstudio.com/guide (1.5mb pdf). It’s aimed at the small to medium sized business owner who is contemplating jumping into the blogging fray. It’s not a how-to manual, rather its a ‘what should I think about before jumping in’ manual.

Frankly, it’s not aimed at you, dear reader, but if you know anyone who might be thinking about blogging for business, would you mind letting them know about the guide?