It Klicked

Last month, I set out to find my next gig. I wasn’t just looking for a job, I wanted to find the right place to put my attention. I wasn’t sure if I’d work at an ad agency, a boutique marketing shop, go client-side, or start my own thing. To help steer, I set a couple of goals. I wanted to

  • work on big meaty problems
  • do meaningful work
  • grow my skills
  • balance creative and strategic work
  • focus on the team and culture
  • earn my keep

I’m very happy to say that I found a place where I get to check every box on the list. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be joining Klick. My mandate is to bring a creative perspective to the strategy practice.

If you know me, you know that I’m slightly passionate about diving to the heart of a problem and getting to the story behind the data. At Klick, this will be a big part of how I get to spend my days, collaborating with an fantastically strong digital strategy team.

I’ve got a ton to learn on the healthcare side. My brother the Dr may be hearing from me a bit more frequently in the coming weeks.

The past month was a gift. I spoke with so many smart, kind, helpful people, and made a couple of new friends. I am a very lucky man.

I have a “what I learned while drinking coffee and talking about the state of the digital industry in Toronto for 30 days” post half written. I’ll finish it shortly. The takeaway: I’m keeping the coffee circuit up. Way too many amazing people to stop. Ping me. We’ll have coffee and talk.


After a couple of rewarding and fulfilling years, I’ve decided to move on from my post as VP of Strategy at Sequentia Environics. The time I spent at Sequentia was amazing. I worked with an incredible team, doing really interesting work for great clients. To say I learned and grew a lot would be a massive understatement. I’m grateful to Jen and the team for the experiences.

I moved because there’s a lot of interesting energy in the market now. It seems like a really good time to put one’s self in opportunity’s path. So that’s exactly what I’m doing: keeping an open mind, and having lots of conversations. It’s wonderful, and great conversations with great people are their own reward. Each discussion opens a new path, some leading very interesting places.

My skill set is pretty broad. I’m a three-time entrepreneur with a decade experience doing social and digital strategy, I’m a pretty talented designer, and a burgeoning storyteller. I’m totally nerdy for people and technology. I’m looking for opportunities where I can bring my full skills to bear.

I have no idea what the next 6 months will look like for me. I’m blessed to have an incredibly supportive family, but I’m not sitting on piles of cash. To keep the lights on, I’m taking on consulting projects. Since 1997 I’ve consulted with billion dollar enterprises, with small startups, and everything in between. If you’re looking for creative solutions for marketing in 2012, let’s talk. I can help with

  • ROI focussed social media and digital strategies
  • Agency pitches
  • Presentations
  • Training sessions
  • Web design

If you’ve got an interesting problem, and are looking for a senior digital marketer to join your team, check out my resume, or my LinkedIn profile. We should talk too.