What the hell have I been up to?

Oh my. The last post I wrote here was exactly 6 months ago. That’s rather weak. Hard to believe I’ve left it alone for half a year.

But I’m 37 now, and I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I move from passion to passion, rarely looking back. This has made for a rather bumpy ride through life. I have many scars, both literal and metaphorical. But each one tells a story, and the value of those stories is immeasurable.

So here’s the story of what’s occupied me this past half year, told concisely.

*Work.* The Blog Studio continues to happily fill my days. We’ve been doing our thing for long enough now that we have our systems down. Projects (usually) run smoothly, and I get to concentrate on IA and UI design. When I remember to, I feel proud of what I’ve built. I designed my ideal job and made it real.

*Singing and playing guitar/keyboard/harmonica.* All my life I’ve wished I could be a rock star. It’s not the glamour or money. It’s the singing and performing. To me, there is no more personal form of art than singing. Nothing makes me feel as naked. Or terrifies me quite as much. There’s also nothing quite as rewarding as fully committing to a lyric, and nailing it. I play twice a week with two groups, I practice guitar as much as possible, and am trying to learn to play harmonica and keyboards. Youtube is an amazing resource for lessons.

*Family.* I love being with my family. I have so much fun hanging with my kids. There is nothing more important to me than being the best dad I can be. I put a lot of energy into this. That energy doesn’t necessarily go into *doing*, instead it often goes into *letting*. Letting the kids be rambunctious monsters, or noise factories. It takes a lot of energy and attention to avoid snapping. But that expenditure is worth it. My kids are turning into amazing people. This may prove to be my greatest accomplishment.

*Self.* I try to spend about an hour a day on myself. Usually this doubles as walk the dog time. Currently, I’m working on accepting the moment just as it is. This is a very powerful practice; one that requires that we be able to clearly see what’s happening, and that we greet it with tenderness.

*Art.* I’ve been fooling around a lot with paint. With the help of my kids (especially the 4 year old) I’m learning to let go of representational imagery in favour of colour and texture.

So there you have it. The past six months in under 500 words!