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Whoa, I didn’t realize just how busted things were around here since I was hacked last week. I’ve fixed the permalinks, and comments work again. I haven’t fixed the archive or contact pages yet, and it looks like the footer’s all up and disappeared. I really don’t feel like working on this tonight, as I’ve had my head under the hood in new websites all day.

I’ll fix it in a few days…

Alert: Adding life to your years

Get out your calculator folks. It’s time to do some eye opening math.

Let’s say you sleep an average of 8 hours per night. Just how much wakeful life would you gain if you weaned yourself down to 7 hours per night?

The results are might leave you wide-eyed.

1 hour extra wakefulness times 365 days per year = 15.2 days awake

That means that in just 24 years, you will have spent an extra year awake.

Of course we all need our sleep. It’s quite amazing how much we take it for granted though. Drinking caffeine and alcohol can have significant impacts on the amount of sleep the body requires. So having that latte and that beer might be having a much greater impact than you realize.

Sleep is luxurious, and is something to be thoroughly enjoyed. But do you know the cost of that extra hour? It might be higher than you think.