Peter: 0 MacBookPro: 4 (times back to the repair shop)

When the intel Macs came out, I thought “Great! I can toss that old heap of a PC, sell my gargantuan G5, and replace them both with one sleek, portable, notebook of happiness”.

That was about three months ago. Since then, the MPB has been back in the shop 4 times. Twice for random shut downs, once to replace the fan, and now to diagnose a problem with the hd (to be fair, trips 3 and 4 should be lumped together, as the service tech discovered the problem with the drive – but not before the thing had been sitting for a week while he waited for the fan part from Apple…)

So in the three months since I’ve owned the thing, the computer has been in the shop for a total of about 2.5 weeks. That’s 2 and a half weeks without a PC. Two and a half weeks of telling clients “sorry, I can’t check your site in IE”. Two and a half weeks of looking (and feeling) like an idiot.

Thanks Apple. Thanks a lot.