About Almost Cool v2

Well, things certainly have changed around here! It looks… stark. And small.

We’ll deal with stark in a moment, but *re:small*, I’ll have a style switcher thing coming in the near future, which will allow for easy font scaling for those less ocularly gifted.

Stark the site is, and with good reason. Focus here at AAC v2 is on _the word_. Both in terms of *content* and *typography*. Not a lot of pictures. Few colours, just plain text, an idea or two, and data. Lots of data.

I’ve trashed the sidebar, with its unmanageable list of links. In the short time this site has been up (Oct 04), I believe RSS penetrated our workflow to the point that most of us have our own rolling list of sites we read. Rather than show you all 80 odd sites I follow, I’ll point out the stellar articles and hilarious hi-jinx using the new meta-data info that will accompany each article.

The meta-data will float beside shorter articles, and follow longer pieces. It will include info like a pull quote, links to relevant sites, books of interest, the music that spawned a piece, etc. Whatever was going on at the time I was thinking about or writing the relevant article.

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about meta-data lately. *Meta-data is information about information*: the track info that accompanies your mp3s, the datestamp on your digital pictures, etc. We’re all becoming database administrators, and I find that fascinating. More on this in coming days.

I’ve used a simple layout for v2, again to focus on the article. The article container, that is, the imaginary box that surround each individual entry, can be configured in 2 ways, depending on how long the piece is. I just choose *override form* from textpattern’s Advanced Options menu for long articles (like this) to allow the text to span the full width, otherwise I get 2 floating columns. The meta-data itself gets stored in the article’s excerpt as xhtml.

If you’re unfamiliar with textpattern, don’t worry. I’m just including this for them’s thats interested.

This is very much an early launch. Still to come:

* sIFR for call-outs
* properly styled comments
* a remaindered links section
* archive
* random headers
* style switcher
* much much more

So stay tuned.


Almost Cool v1 featured a couple of examples of my “work”:http://www.flashlightdesign.com For v2, I thought I’d change the focus from _work_ to _art_; the difference being that _art_ is work I do for no sake other than the doing of it. If all goes according to plan (*ha!*), this will be up and running shortly.

In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on “this old goodie”:http://www.flashlightdesign.com/pages/patterns.htm