It’s been done. Why? Why oh why? Why would I abandon textpattern in favour or wordpress? That’s what y’all seem to want to know.

Well I’ll tell you. There are a couple of reasons. I’ll go through them here in no particular order.

First, having become quite handy with txp, I was ready to try something new. I like a challenge. I like to try new things.
Second, textpattern’s lack of support for xmlrpc gives me concern. I like the flexibility this bit of technology offers. It makes posting a breeze, and fun fun fun.

Third, like it or not, WP is easier to use. Because posting is such a snap, I’ve been using it more and more for my client’s sites. I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the more advanced ins and outs of the system.
Fourth, the theme function simply rocks.  I plan on changing the design of this site regularly. Being able to simply switch from one look to another makes my job much easier.

I haven’t abandoned textpattern, not by a long shot. From my vantage point, txp seems more flexible and powerful than wp. The Blog Studio runs on txp. That won’t be changing any time soon.

I’ll be honest: blogging lost its fun. Using this new tool makes it fun again. In a bit, I’ll probably change to something else. It’s good for the brain, and good for business!

3 thoughts on “TXP to WP”

  1. Well said. I didn’t even realize txp doesn’t support xmlrpc. That explains why technorati couldn’t talk to one my sites the other day. I’ve never utilized it (xmlrpc) before, that is, until I started using Flock and it’s cool built-in blogging tool (Yes, I know desktop blogging tools have been around for quite some time).

    Nice looking design by the way.

  2. Thanks Justin.

    It was playing with Flock that got me thinking about switching this site over in the first place.

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