Two designs that caught my eye

Two things really caught my eye today. The first is a site by “Jeff Croft”: Although I obviously like the font Jeff has used for his header (same as mine – “Kontrapunkt”:, free from the design studio of the same name), I don’t like it used for more than a word or two. Other than that, I love the site. It’s very similar to some of the ideas I’ve got swirling around for the inevitable Blog Studio “blog”: update.

My only negative (other than Kontrapunkt (I know, I’m a hypocrite)), is that the article page break while scrolling in Firefox 1.04 on Tiger. Not a small deal.

The other is “Sixtyspots”: It looks a bit too obviously web 2.0 – ok, ok, the future is here and it’s shiny, we get it. But it has some killer usability features. Before you enter your email (or for those of you not interested in doing so) hit “fly away” and watch what happens. Very slick.

What about you? Anyone else see anything particularly particular?

BTW: I’m on pain killers and scotch, hence the rather less than thrilling post. Will hopefully be back up and in action in a couple of days. How about some good links to keep me entertained whilst flat on the ground?