Turning off auto break in WP2.0?

Ok gang, I need you help (again)! How the hell do I turn off the auto line break “feature” in WP2.0? If you glance at the code for the past couple of posts, you’ll find that there is a < /br > tag after each < /p > tag. I’m using the textile plugin (v2.6), and cannot do without it. For one, all the formatting on the past year’s posts breaks without it. I also am not a fan of the WP formatting toolbar, seeing as how it doesn’t work in my browser of choice and all.

I’ve found quite a few instructions on how to turn breaks off in wp 1.5, but the instructions produce nada effect in 2.0. So… anyone know?

One thought on “Turning off auto break in WP2.0?”

  1. That feature has driven me crazy for quite some time, mostly due to the fact that any content that is output from a plugin also gets the line-break conversion.

    If you find out a way to selectively turn this off, I’d love to hear it.

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