The ROI of blogging

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At the Blawgthink conference in Chicago this weekend, one of the concepts that came up was the return on investment of blogging. The point was made that calculating time spent vs dollars gained doesn’t give an accurate answer.

One must also consider the money and energy saved as a result of blogging. Think of the money saved in print advertising, yellow pages, etc. For a small business, this can result in a significant savings.

As a small business owner, I can assure you that blogging is an *amazing* way to earn business. I don’t have an ad in the yellow pages – I don’t need one (that’s a savings of thousands of dollars a year in this market).

If you’re concerned you can’t afford to put the time into blogging (and really, who isn’t?), consider how many hours you have to put in to cover the cost of your existing marketing? I’m not saying that blogging will replace your current ad spending, but it may make a pretty big dent in it.