The Mindfulness Sandwich

I’m about six months in to my practice of taking 20 minutes in the morning and evening to meditate. I’m loving it, and can’t imagine stopping. The _act_ of meditating is incredibly enjoyable, and its benefits were immediately apparent. I’m calmer, better equipped to handle stress, and I laugh a lot more.

That being said, I find that while I’m getting better at being mindful of my motivations and feelings during my non-working life, I’m still acting from instinct during the day.

My instincts are generally pretty good, having been honed on the brutal wheel experience. But instincts are _reactive_ – that is, they don’t anticipate new or better methods of dealing with a given situation. Instincts can only repeat an existing behavior. So by relying on instinct, one is “doomed” to a cycle of trial and error.

Now if I could bring a mindful approach to my working day, I imagine I’d be able to slow down my reactive responses enough to more clearly assess the situation. What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What is my motivation? What is my desired outcome?

I’m discovering that the more over committed I am, the more difficulty I have being conscious of my moment to moment decision making. I’m making an effort to reduce the number of commitments I have by

* reducing the number of times I say yes
* keeping my inbox clean (thanks to “Merlin”:
* trusting my partners and colleagues (this is hard!)
* outsourcing work I like to do (this is really hard too!)

Trying to do all of this in the context of a busy busy business is both challenging and vital. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

2 thoughts on “The Mindfulness Sandwich”

  1. Hi,

    I love this posting! I am meditating regularly too and I love it for the same reasons you do! I really like how you have articulated what meditation brings to your daily life — awareness, slowing down, and less reactive behavior. Yes, those are benefits of meditation…thanks for reminding me!


    PS: did you ever find software to do application sharing on a mac?

  2. hi Karen. Thanks! After writing this, life got hectic for a bit – lots of stress, running here and there, and general schedule nightmares. I briefly fell out of my meditating habit, and man, did I ever feel the effects!

    I never did find that app sharing platform for the mac.

    I have started using vyew ( to review documents and mockups with the team. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. And you sure can’t beat the price.

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