The king is dead. Long live the king.

I just wrote a post over at “The Blog Studio”: that says, in short, that the world just changed. I use the launch of our most recent project “Hot Air”: as the line in the sand. Pre Hot Air, the world was X. And now, it is Y.

I don’t mean to infer that I changed the world. Rather, for me, the launch of Hot Air both fulfills and expands on the promise of blogs and blog related technology. Hot Air isn’t a web site. It’s a news channel. Complete with daily video newscasts, continual updates and special reporting features. It’s also a community. It’s existed for all of 48 hours, and there are already thoughtful discussions taking place in the comments and trackbacks. And it was built for a fraction of what this would have cost only 12 months ago.

The point here is that the ability to create and distribute top end content has just been dropped within almost everyone’s reach.

Another example: “Lynchland”: The musician/director/artist/crazy genius Liam Lynch has re-invented himself as a tv producer. Only, there’s no tv involved. Lynch creates simply amazing stream-of-consciousness videos featuring his music, sketches, animation and art that he distributes via podcasts. He uses the podcasts to drive traffic to his online store, where he sells his cds, dvds, tshirts, and other merchandise. He has over 90,000 subscribers to his podcast. Revenue stream? Uh, yeah. And he does it all himself.

You know all that talk about mainstream media being dead? It’s happened. Hot Air and Lynchland the future. And they’re here now.