The Cyclical Nature of Inspiration

I’ve been struggling a bit with this site lately. Generating content has become a chore where recently it was a joy.

Examining the situation, I realize that there are a number of contributing factors: workload, oppressive heat, boredom with the design, and the cyclical nature of inspiration. It’s this last that I want to address.

Turning in my chair to look at my shelf full of journals and half written essays, I realize that I’m no stranger to this. It’s a cycle that begins in a pique of interest, followed by a period of information uptake, culminating in a painfully brief period of acutely beautiful creative bliss. A slow denoument is proceeds an all too lengthy period of mental apathy.

Luckily, I’ve been through this many times, and I realize that there’s no need to panic or fret.

From my position as “97th monkey”:, I can see that I am not alone in this cycle. As more and more of us stake out territory on the blog-o-thingy, and more and more of us take up regular writing as a means of attracting business, the market for tips, tools, and tricks to shorten (or flatten) the cycle will only grow.

This is not exactly news. Witness the insane popularity of “43folders”: “To-Done”:, et al. Still, it’s always nice to know one is in good company. Especially when facing the long lonely march from inspiration to inspiration.

What do you do when stuck in the rut of quotidian apathy? I’m not talking about tips to break writer’s block, but tips to re-light your inquisitive spark.