The Cork's been pulled

Everything I’ve written in the past few weeks has used the word constipation at one point in its draft. I didn’t realize that until just tonight. I’d become mentally constipated.

_Why_ isn’t so revolutionary: exhaustion, stress. You know, the standard silent killers. I’ve been aware of it for some time, but I hadn’t been able to shut myself up enough to hear anything new to say. Well I have, and I heard was to start to write about my bikes again.

See, there’s a long story there with bikes. A lot of hopes attained, and a lot of dreams shattered. Dramatic stuff. Cathartic stuff. Not all of which has been exercised.

So why write about it on a blog? Isn’t that kind of personal? It is, but I believe I can write about it without descending to smarmy sentimentality. We’ll see. If I feel like I’ll regret a post a few years from now, I won’t post it. Simple enough.

I’ve also decided to fire up my own mini-network again. “Bicilog”: (pronounced BICHI-log) will get a makeover and be my _personal_ personal site. “Dadlog”: will be what it’s always been. “The Blog Studio Blog”: has a couple of interesting series about business blogging and design coming up. An this site will continue to be my spot to write about 97th monkey stuff, including branding, design, making a buck, business, etc.

What I’d like to do is create a meta-site that pulls the headlines and excerpts from each of my other sites. That meta-site would have its own feed, so one could theoretically subscribe to all my blather. Anyone have any tips on creating something like this?