The Blog Studio v5: Woody

The redesigned site for The Blog Studio launched late last night. This is the first work I’ve done with myself as the client that I actually like. I wrote a little bit about the design here, and will write about some of the design decisions when I’ve had a moment to catch my breath.

Happy November!

2 thoughts on “The Blog Studio v5: Woody”

  1. Wow, Peter! That is seriously money. I think you made some great creative decisions this time around. There is so much more personality in this version than there was in the last. Looking forward to hearing more about your process. Nice work!

  2. I really love the redesign. I know what you mean about finding it hard to be happy with work you have done for yourself. It almost seems every designer’s own site is constantly under construction. You tell them you like their web site and they sound all depressed in their response.

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