The Blog Studio Statement of Intent

I’ve written a v0.1 statement of intent for “The Blog Studio”: If you’re interested, you can read it “here”:

I was motivated to write this after the discussion in the comments after my “last”: post. Seems just because I have good intent, my writing doesn’t quite describe it. I think my talk of money and revenue also gave some people the wrong idea. I’m not trying to fleece anybody. But I do believe in being paid a fair wage for good work, and I have no problem being up front about that. I used to be totally squeamish talking about money. But then I had kids, and now I’m not; I do it for them.

As for the good intent, I’m hoping that I can afford to be selective in the clients I pursue. With a bunch of hard work, I’m hoping “these”: “sites”: will help supplement my income. If I suck, and no ones read them, then I don’t deserve a penny. On the other hand…

I have the luxury of having a full time job that allows me the flexibility to plan all this. Looking forward, I have no idea what the future holds. To be honest, I gave up worrying about the future a while ago. I have my goals, but *how* I reach them is unimportant. I don’t want to think about the destination; I want to think about the voyage.