The Blog Studio redesigns

A whole new look: “”:

3 thoughts on “The Blog Studio redesigns”

  1. I hate to be cliche, Peter – but I miss the old design 😉 I admire some of the progression though…

    I love the new 3 column layout, the updated portfolio, the AJAX treatment on recent posts, the blog post info boxes and the subtle use of icons.

    I’m not so much enjoying the color scheme – especially the blue everywhere and the red on top of the blue (which is barely legible).

  2. For me, I find the older design working better. The blues on the right seem to be a clashing visual with the left content.

    Maybe caused by the central divide of the content and secondary navigation area. Example: White | Blue


  3. Thanks guys. I can’t say I really disagree with you. My most recent post addresses a few of my concerns. The Blog Studio site in its present iteration is a testbed for a couple of new ideas. It will be evolving, rest assured…

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