Subtraction Action

I knew this was going to come up eventually. I had considered mentioning it right in the “about”:/index.php?s=colophon article. But I suppose I was hoping no one would bring it up, so I didn’t.

Well it has come up, and I suppose I’m relieved. See I *know* this design looks very similar to “this”: site. I have them both open side by side at the moment.

I did the “comp”:/images/home-page-comp-AC.jpg for this in late December, then played with it a bit in early January. As you know, if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, I started a new job Jan 3rd, and have been too busy to maintain this site.

I first saw Subtraction last week, when it was mentioned on one of the blogs I follow. “Shit!” I immediately thought. “Holy crap this is good” was my second thought.

You know that feeling, where for just a second, you thought you had an original thought? Where you’re so wound up you’re practically on tip toes with what a fantastic-never-before-seen idea you have, when before a breath can blast past your lips you overhear your now ex-best friend telling someone about what a wicked idea they’ve just had, *and it’s just like yours, _only better_*?

Fuck shit damn fuck.

That was pretty much how I felt.

Well, seeing as I only had 2 days between jobs to work on my site, see my family, do some shopping, etc, it was either go what I had just designed, or live with the old site. There was no living with that drab old thing, so I decided to move ahead.

Still, I had to do something about the site’s old tagline: *”a derivative web site”*. It was cutting it a little close to home.

Hearing the comments a couple of you have made, I’m glad I did decided to go ahead. I don’t have the time or the talent to design a site like Subtraction. I can only hope that experience will help me get to that level of design.

Thanks again for the comments.