Watch me talk about (hipster)PDAs, notebooks, and the benefit of being organized.

The fine folks from Report on Business Television interviewed me last week about productivity tips and tricks, and about my business in general. The first bit aired last night, but is available online here (note: opens in new window). I’ve got the lead story, starting about 10 seconds in.

They did a really great job of editing the piece. I actually look like I know what I’m talking about.

I’m on again tonight talking about my business and business blogging. I’ll post that link when it becomes available.

By the way, this all came about as a result of a post to this blog. The editor/producer/whatchamacallit read a post I’d made ages ago about my “HipsterPDA”: and called me up. Once we met, and started chatting, he decided to do a profile on my company. How cool is that?


2 thoughts on “Watch me talk about (hipster)PDAs, notebooks, and the benefit of being organized.”

  1. Peter, you media whore you!

    Great story, and a nice distillation of the power of the hipster.

    By the way, remember you told me about being hesitant to rekindle your love affair with the Space Pens because they tend to grow legs; I have now owned, loved and lost three of them and my wife has cut me off.

    I now have a bic masking taped to a string from my moleskine

    Cheers – and congrats on the story – be sure to post Ep. 2

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