Redesign of my work site part 3 (aka cool…)

I’ve decided to go with this design:

The photo will rotate through a number of nature-inspired shots, using a php rotator. This script gets uploaded to the server as image.php. In my code, instead of writing

I write

The script will randomly select an image from within the directory it resides in. You can find a sample of the script “here”:

I’m also going to use the

background: fixed

rule in the css to keep the gradient fixed in place. That way, I can get by with a short bg file, and not have to worry about it repeating if the page grew really long (which it shouldn’t in this case).

Step 5 is _look into scripts/software_. I’ve found a remarkable photo blogging type of script “pixelpost”: I had offered to put together a photo blog for a cousin who’s just had a baby, and stumbled across this site. The script has just been launched, so I imagine many people haven’t heard of it. It rocks. In additions to helping my cousin share his baby pics with the world, I’ll be using pixelpost to manage the portfolio section on the new site. It is incredibly easy to setup, and extremely flexible. Can I gush any more?

I’ve also decided to use “textpattern”: to manage the rest of the site. The front page will be static to start. I’ll switch the sidebar over to a textpattern list once I have some news to post. The articles section will be dynamic right from the get-go.

I’m very excited to get pixelpost up and running. It should be fairly easy, yet will allow me update and manage the portfolio with great ease.

I’ll let you know how it goes.