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The primary project I’m working on at SiG@MaRS over the next few months is a week-long event in Toronto in early June. Together with some amazing partners, we’ll be bringing together the web/tech/agency/communication community with people working to create social change.

The goal of the week is to create opportunities for people in these two different groups to learn and work together. We’ve got some crazy ideas brewing, and plan on having a lot of fun.

We’ve temporarily called the week “Social Tech for Social Change”, but we all feel that the name is too cumbersome. Rather than deciding what to call this thing in a vacuum, I figured we’d put it out to the intended audience to see which name resonates best with you.

Please have a look at the names below – note these aren’t logos, I’ve just made the names pretty ’cause that’s the way I roll. At the bottom of the post is a poll. You can make multiple selections. Go! Go! Go!

17 thoughts on “Name that week”

  1. Hey Peter, great idea. I’ll pass this around to the rest of the team out here, and some of our collaborators on the Social Tech Training.

    My personal favourite is ctrl shift, because at its heart that’s what Web 2 is all about, but I wonder if that’s too obscure for the audiences we’re trying to reach.

    If you wanted to use “Web of Change”, and we figured out a way to protect the integrity of the brand (not sure how) I’m open to it.

  2. @Carlos, great idea!

    @Jason, thank you for putting WoC on the table. It is, by far, the best name. That said, WoC has a lot of brand equity, and I fear we’d muddy that water.

  3. Hey Peter, I wanted to chime in on the cntrlshift option. I think its very clever and hits a great idea, but i don’t think it will reach anyone outside of the tech side. I don’t work on the technical side of things, but I am very comfortable with the tools and a lot of the language – in this context the meaning didn’t get through to me until I considered it a second time through Jason’s comment.

    That places it a bit high barrier i think, but it might be able to work with a tagline.

  4. Kori, great feedback, thanks. This is exactly why I wanted to put this out there. The collective is (or rather can be) very smart.

  5. ctrl.change resonates with those of us who like to believe we can control change but for those who get the irony, this resonates!

    Great idea Peter, bring on the comments!

  6. I don’t think Ctrl-Shift is a problem. Everyone knows that they’re keys on a keyboard that are sometimes used in combination and everyone will get the play on words of “a shift in control.”

    I think “shift-change” is redundant. That’s my least favourite.

  7. Peter – great idea to put this out for feedback!
    my 2cents:
    Change is great now – but it is getting played out with Obama – and if he doesn’t actually doesn’t bring change, who knows!
    I like the CtrlShift.

  8. As to some of the comments above, not keen on the “Control” connotation.

    If you’re going with the keyboard theme, how about Insert.Change as an option?

    Cheers and good luck.

  9. first instinct: strongly prefer shift-ctrl.
    we’re not trying to control a shift.
    we’re trying to shift what is controlled and who controls it.
    or rather, trying to shift *away* from control.
    you could argue that this is but one dimension of how social tech can support social change…but it’s a pretty central one.

  10. Let’s avoid SHIFT. Its been running since the early 90s. We need to let it die with some dignity and rethink what shift means, especially in this new context.

    Also, could we send up the tech savvy crowd by trading symbols (.) for words (dot)?

    Beware: Employ self deprecation. Keyboards won’t save the world; people will.


  11. ctrl.shift

    end of debate.

    unless you toss in insert.change as an option. has a good vibe. The word change is just too risky though given the played out factor?

    the font style and design aesthetic of the above is fresh too.

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