My profile on ROB tv.

My profile on Report on Business Television aired last night. Watching it was a truly weird experience. There I was, watching the screen, remembering the interview, and there I was, on the screen, speaking the words I had been thinking. Very Escher-esque.

One aspect that’s particularly interesting for me to observe is the pauses in my speech. In my mind, the breaks as I searched for a word were endless. Mentally, I’d pause for an eon. On screen though, the hesitation is barely there. How very interesting to note the difference between inner and outer “reality”.

Once again, the fine TV folks did an amazing job of editing the interview to make me look like I know what I’m talking about. The video is now online, and can be viewed by clicking here (link opens in a new window). I’m the lead off story, starting about 15 seconds or so into the stream.

On a related note: apparently it’s time to lose some weight! Yikes!

One thought on “My profile on ROB tv.”

  1. Dear Peter Flaschner
    I saw your interview on robtv. The topic was truly interesting to me and I too have had a similar experience with technology.

    Nice.. Am looking forward to the interview on blogging next week. On an aside, the transmission and clarity of the site was awesome. Except that the interview link you have on ur page doesnt come through on Mozilla.. Its IE only.. Crib Crib..

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