My (b)5 cents

I’ve got to keep this short, since it’s nutty nutty nutty in the studio. But I’ve got to throw my 5 cents into the ring regarding the “b5media”: launch. Yes, I’m highly prejudiced (I designed the main site, and have just rolled out “cellphone9”: and “play-girlz”: (no, it’s not what you think)). But my point still holds merit.

There has been some significant backlash to the news that b5media will be paying its writers 40% of blog income. Many, many folks have suggested that anyone who falls for such an offer would be a fool. “Don’t they realize they can do it themselves and keep 100%?” is the common cry.

Well yes. They can. But by joining the network, there are certain benefits. Like instant traffic. Like *majorly* smart and committed people working on maximizing revenue. Like professional design.

These things cost money. It would take a blogger quite some time to build up a site to the degree where it could even pay for its own hosting, to say nothing of paying me a couple of grand to design a site and manage the revenue.

Given the option of having 40% of something vs 100% of nothing, well, you do the math.

I’d like to rant on about this. There are ties to my “blog manager”: post of a week or so ago, and many offline examples I’d like to quote. I’ll cap it at that for now though.