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“Khoi Vihn”: has added a new footer to his home page containing his version of a blogroll. “There”: “are”: “some”: “great”: “sites”: “included”: Many of which are new to me.

I’m experiencing a newfound swelling of my bloglines account. In particular in my *design* and *design inspiration* folders. That last folder is a new one for me. I’m collecting non-web design blogs. Currently in the folder:

* “BibliOdyssey”:
* “Design*Sponge”:
* “InkFinger”:
* “Jalopy Junktown”:
* “Karin’s Style Blog”:
* “Oh Joy”:
* “The Scandinavian Design Mouse”:

There’s a real arts’n’crafts bend to the mix. While the _primary_ reason for this will become clear in the coming weeks, I’ve found the crafters creative energy and joyful ebullience to be incredibly contagious. Hell, I’ve even started painting again.

What about you? Do you have any inspirational sites on your list? Have one of your own?

2 thoughts on “Khoi's new links”

  1. Hello Peter! I personally find InkFinger to be equally as wonderful! ha ha…Thanks so much for visiting the site. I actually love to go to loobylu, which is a crafing site run by a very sweet assie. Her soft colors and child-like creations always make me feel warm and cozy inside!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! I just posted my comment a bit too soon and realized I wrote ASSIE rather than AUSSIE! Oh Lord forgive me! She really is a sweet lady, but she may have a sweet ass as well…didn’t mean to call her one.

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