Interactive. Booyah!

I’ve just uploaded a quick and dirty professional portfolio. Have a look.

I’ve struggled for a long time over how to describe what I do. Art director? Strategist? Front-end developer? Speaker? Consultant? Full-time employee (hint, hint)? In semi-frustration I decided on “Interactive. Booyah!”. My intention is simply to create enough interest that a potential employer (hint, hint) might look a bit deeper into who I am and what I do. Is this a good strategy? I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “Interactive. Booyah!”

  1. Nice work Peter, looking good for sure. Are you powering this with WordPress? Or is it just a static template? cheers

  2. Thanks Ryan. I literally put the portfolio template together in half an hour. It’s static for now, but I’ll probably throw a loop on the template and move the content to the database. Emphasis on “probably”.

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