Inspirational sources

Where do you go when you’re looking for inspiration? Personally, I’m getting away from the various css galleries. While I love most of the work posted on them, they share a certain inevitable homogeneity due to their common function and underlying structure. I enjoy reading design magazines, but find that they are becoming less and less relevant to screen oriented designer.

Instead, I’ve been spending some time with a few marvelous new (to me) sites: “design*sponge”: and “Oh Joy!”: Both offer terrific mixes of cool furniture, fashion, interior design and cool design-y stuff. I love the shapes, textures, and colours of all the delicious fabrics and ceramics. I’m becoming a serious wallpaper nut, and my fetish for all things danish and modern has been seriously rekindled. I’m not only inspired to work, I’m inspired to buy!

Where are you looking for inspiration these days?

5 thoughts on “Inspirational sources”

  1. I hear what you’re saying about escaping from the usual CSS site rounds.

    I’ve recently been finding inspiration in music album covers, t-shirt designs and photography, particularly when I’m out taking shots myself. I’m starting to more appreciate nature’s own complementary colour schemes! :)

  2. My mother’s scrapbooks and scrapbooking magazines. Corny yes, but now we can finally “bond” as she blathers on about laying out scrapbook pages and I go on about arranging websites.

  3. relmone – great links, thanks.

    Lindsey – OMG, scrapbooking is HUGE. I’m about to start a site for it. It’s not corny, it’s a billion dollar industry.

    Ben – I totally agree about photography. I’ve been thinking an awful lot about starting up a photoblog. I need a kick in the ass to get out there an start “seeing” again.

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